About Us

MISZJE (Magyar Irodalmi Szerzői Jogvédő és Jogkezelő Egyesület/Hungarian Literary Authors’ Collecting Society) is a joint right managing organization, whose primary aim is to collect royalty and to perform the distribution of the funds according to its effective Distribution Rules.

The Society collects loan data from public libraries every year. We select the range of sample libraries (minimum twelve, maximum twenty libraries), and after processing their data we calculate the amount of PLR payment for each author (writer, translator or editor). We keep a record of every author’s statement. When the total amount of an author’s is above 10.000 HUF (which is the threshold of payable amounts), we contact him in order to transfer the money. In case of deceased authors, we are doing our best to find the legal succeccors and divide the money among them.

Besides distributing the royalty, we have other activities as well.

We aim to represent and protect the rights of authors in front of all possible panels and bodies. Our members have the possibility to consult with our legal experts regarding copyright questions. We regularly give financial support to socially disadvantaged authors in exceptional life situations.

Our society receives funding for PLR from the Department for Culture of EMMI (Ministry of Human Capacities). Besides that, the dues of our members (1.000 HUF per year) contribute to our incomes. We have no other financial source.

MISZJE was founded by ten literary NGOs. These are the following:

The Round Table of Hungarian Playwrights, Society of Young Writers (FISZ), Hungarian Trade Union of Writers, József Attila Circle – Literary Association of Young Writers (JAK), Hungarian Association of Artists – Section of Literature, The Society of Hungarian Writers, The Hungarian Association of Writers, The Hungarian Association of Literary Translators (MEGY), Hungarian Pen Club, Belletrist Association Society